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Over 50,000 parts in stock

Family business Auto Wessel in De Lutte has been active on the international car market since 1960.

Entrepreneur Gerard Wessel sees a gap in the market when car ownership increases in the 1960s. He starts the company Auto Wessel from his home in De Lutte, which focuses on the sale of used cars and damaged cars. Gerard is successful in the world of car trade and Auto Wessel is becoming a household name in the region. At the end of the 1980s, this becomes visible through a new building on the Dorpstraat in De Lutte. Unfortunately, Gerard Wessel dies shortly afterwards.

Sons Herman and Johan, who had been working at Auto Wessel for several years, continued the company. The range of cars is being expanded with new and young used cars. With this, Auto Wessel presents itself as an all-round car company. Under the leadership of the brothers, the company grows into an important player in the international car market and the number of traded cars is increasing.

Part of the activities will temporarily be moved to Oldenzaal. Messrs Wessel, however, wish to bring the various business units back together in De Lutte. In 2001 they therefore bought the ABTB in De Lutte, with the intention of realizing a new building there. Shortly afterwards, Auto Wessel started preparations for the construction of a new building. Those preparations take no less than eight years, due to a long process for obtaining the correct permits. In 2008, the gas station is also taken over in order to beautify the appearance of the Bentheimerstraat/Dorpstraat. Construction will finally start in 2010. And from 2012, the business units that were split up in the past will come together again in De Lutte.

With the new building on the Bentheimerstraat, Auto Wessel is prepared for the future. The building has spacious offices, a beautiful showroom, a basement with large storage capacity, a modern car wash and a gas station. The company complies with all strict environmental legislation.

The successors Thomas, Bas and Dick have already found their place within the company and are happy to help you realize all your car-related wishes.